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Bio301D Exam 1 24 Sept 08 Name (required) _____________ Motivation for Rational Decisions 1. (5pts) The following options pertain to the second day of class, in which we discussed how people and society make decisions. Which are correct? A) We suggested that our government often uses different criteria and methods in making decisions than individual citizens use B) Polls on supernatural phenomena (aliens, ghosts, etc.) indicate that the public’s attitude toward most topics largely matches the scientific evidence C) The scientific method, as used in our class, is intended primarily for addressing problems that fall under the domain of traditional science. For everyday problems that are not considered traditional science, we need an alternative method of making decisions. D) A major goal of this course, as mentioned in class, is that when you make decisions, you should eliminate as many non-scientific factors as possible in favor of scientific ones. 2. (5pts) The following options address the class responses on the day-1 survey and our discussion of them in lecture. Which are true? A) The histograms and our discussion suggested that an emotional factor affected the response to at least one of the statements. B) Maybe a fourth of the statements revealed ‘consensus uncertainty’ in which responses were strongly peaked in the middle (no opinion) and progressively lower toward both extremes. That is, most individuals considered themselves to be uncertain. C) The statements in this survey avoided topics that would have been excluded in typical high school science classes. D) It was suggested that a person’s response of uncertainty on a statement need NOT reflect ignorance. The Scientific Method 3. (5pts) The use of evidence to evaluate a model is part of what we are calling the scientific method. Which of the following questions/problems could be addressed with evidence-based evaluation of models (or more generally, could be studied with the scientific method as we are using it in this class)? A) Is a psychic able to pick winning lottery numbers more often than by chance? B) Is your test performance higher when your only studying consists of cramming the day before the exam instead of when studying 1 hour per night for the 6 days before the exam? C) Do cell phones increase cancer rates? D) Is artificial tanning addictive? E) Is the reported crime rate higher on nights with a full moon than on nights with new (no) moons? 4, 5 (5pts each). Which elements of the scientific method are present? The goal in each is underlined . Base your answer on the information provided in the paragraph. 4. A private conservation agency receives a 5-year grant to increase the numbers of a threatened frog found at several bogs in Oregon. Each March for the next 5 years, the agency sends its best person to a different bog at which the frog is known to occur from previous records. The person clears vegetation and puts up fences around the bog to keep out large animals, thinking that more open water is needed for frog breeding
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ex1ab08 - Bio301D Exam 1 24 Sept 08 Name(required...

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