ex4ab08 - Exam 4 Bio301D 3 Dec 08 name(required 1(4 pts Key...

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name _______________________ (required) 1. (4 pts) Key code, EID , and name . Fill in (A B) to indicate your key for this version of the exam. Be sure your name and EID number are correctly bubbled in on the scantron and that you have put your name on this exam copy. Demos and Videos 2. (4pts) Money game. Which of the following options correctly describe the conduct or purpose of the money game? A) The purpose was to illustrate a type of conflict, between individual and group benefit. B) The game was structured so that selfish behavior would have been embarrassing to the individual, because anyone receiving a large sum of money would have had to receive it in front of the entire class of non-selfish individuals. C) The game was played so that everyone was given the same choice between a selfish option and an option that would have allowed everyone to benefit. D) When the game has been played in previous years, a large fraction of the class (more than 1/4) has always chosen the selfish option. 3 (4pts) Which are true of the second FC video and the related discussion in class? MTF A) Much of the focus of this part of the video was the refusal of certain individuals to accept the results of the experiments debunking FC. B) Bicklen raised objections to the tests of FC on the grounds that the testing environment was intimidating . The controls used in the tests of FC could have been used to discount his objection, but the video did not mention this point. C) In one segment, Biklen argued that no amount of negative evidence (against FC) should be considered a basis for rejecting FC as valid communication. D) New experiments shown in this second video raised questions about the first set of experiments. Intrinsic Difficulties 4. (5 pts) Which of the following are true? MTF A) ‘Intrinsic difficulties’ refers to types of problems for which the scientific method is not easily applied or does not easily obtain answers. We did not suggest, however, that these problems should be solved by using an alternative to the scientific method. B) It was suggested for at least two of the intrinsic difficulties that better methods of evaluation (as opposed to data, goals, models, revision) can largely overcome the problem. C) We noted that the theme ‘correlation does not imply causation’ underlies three of the difficulties. D) Intrinsic difficulties are responsible for most ‘failures’ of the scientific method, i.e., those in which the model is rejected by the data. E) Rare events: when an event is rare, one needs large sample sizes to measure the frequency at which it occurs. F) Humans make difficult subjects: This problem is primarily that humans are more difficult than other research organisms because they are so much more complicated to understand than other organisms. page 1 of 6
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ex4ab08 - Exam 4 Bio301D 3 Dec 08 name(required 1(4 pts Key...

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