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21 questions, 6 pages name______________________(req’d) Motivation (day-1 survey and discussion of it) 1. (5 pts) The following options pertain to the survey and the second day of class, in which we discussed how people and society make decisions. Which are correct? MTF A) It was claimed that public beliefs are closely aligned with what our government accepts. B) All of the following factors were listed as possibly contributing to Individual decisions: evidence, views of others, a person’s ‘world view’ and emotional factors. C) In the survey, it was at least moderately common to observe class responses with some students considering the statement definitely true and others considering it definitely false (though not necessarily a bimodal class response). D) Your class as well as those of previous years exhibit evidence that a concept couched in conspiracy language is more believable than the same concept without the conspiracy context. 2. (5 pts) More about motivation. Which of the following points are true? MTF A) The scientific method, as used in our class, is intended primarily for addressing problems that fall under the domain of traditional science. For everyday problems that are not considered traditional science, we need an alternative method of making decisions. B) A major goal of this course, as mentioned in class, is that when you make decisions, you should eliminate as many non-scientific factors as possible in favor of scientific ones. C) On many responses, a large number of students indicated some level of uncertainty. We suggested that uncertainty need not (does not have to) reflect an ignorance of the issues and data. D) In the survey, a response of ‘consensus uncertainty’ was observed on several statements, with a strong peak in the middle and few at either extreme. Scientific method 3. (5pts) The use of evidence to evaluate a model is part of what we are calling the scientific method. Which of the following questions/problems could be addressed with evidence-based evaluation of models (or more generally, could be studied with the scientific method as we are using it in this class)? MTF A) Does partying the night before an exam affect your performance on the exam? B) Do tall people think they lead happier lives than short people? C) What style and form of a resume leads to a high rate of job interviews? D) Does alcohol consumption increase lifespan? E) Are psychics better at picking winning lottery numbers than are other people? 4 (5 pts) Which options correctly explain the nature of an element of the scientific method? MTF A) Data are facts or observations used to evaluate a model B) The goal is usually an attempt to prove that a particular model is correct. C)
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exam1ab09r - 21 questions 6 pages name(reqd...

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