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Demos and videos 1. (4 pts) . The money game . Which of the following options apply to the "money game" that used strips of paper? (MTF) A) A conflict existed between individual and group (class) benefit. B) The conflict depended on the rules of the game. A different set of rules could have eliminated the conflict. C) The outcome (this year and in previous years) was that the self-interests of many students prevented anyone from receiving any money. D) The choice that every individual could make which allowed group benefit was the $1 option. E) The theme illustrated was that conflict arises when people obtain different data. 2. (5 pts) . Consider the coin flip demonstration. What was the purpose of this demonstration, what parallels apply, and what were the details of this demonstration? (MTF) (A) The demonstration illustrated a way to bias an overall study by using initial results to decide which individual studies to complete and publish. (B) Conflict was essential to the outcome. Without conflict, there would have been no basis for the result. (C) The demonstration relied on the existence of sampling error. If no sampling error was present, the desired effect could not have been demonstrated. (D) The demonstration illustrated a type of bias that would usually occur at the end of the study, after all data had been obtained. 3. (5 pts) Mark all statements that correctly summarize the information shown in the second part of Prisoners of Silence video and the update on Facilitated Communication from Monday. MTF A) Several parents were unwilling to accept the evidence against FC. Some used anecdotes to support their belief in FC. B) Douglas Biklen responded to the data showing that facilitated communication does not work by stating that many autistic individuals exhibit severe word-finding difficulties, and that this is the reason they did not perform well in the experimental tests. This is an example of the use of post hoc arguments (as a form of bias). C) A current search of the web reveals that Syracuse University still maintains an Institute for FC. D) Biklen used a form of refusal to admit error in justifying FC against the negative test results when claiming that it didn’t matter how many tests failed to show communication. E) As discussed in class, the experiments that purportedly debunked facilitated communication were flawed because they were designed to allow for the possibility that facilitated communication is not effective (they used the wrong null model).
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How our brains mislead us 4. (6 pts) The brief chapter and lecture on this topic listed several ways in which our brains automatically think and make decisions that are not “rational” under the scientific method. Which of the following options are from that list or illustrate a point on that list? MTF A) We respond to perceived risks rather than actual risks B) Choosing goals in our own interest, regardless of whether they benefit others
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ex4ab04 - Demos and videos 1(4 pts The money game Which of...

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