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1. (4 pts) Key code, box #, and name . Fill in (A B) to indicate your key for this version of the exam. Be sure your name and box number are correctly bubbled in on the scantron and that you have signed this exam copy. Demos and videos 2. (4 pts) . The money game . Which of the following options apply to the "money game" that used strips of paper? (MTF) A) The theme illustrated a bias in model evaluation that results from conflict. B) The game illustrated a type of conflict that arises from sampling error. C) The point of the game requires several players; the demonstration could not have illustrated its point if the game was played with just one individual. D) Since this was an experiment, randomization was an important feature of the way the game should have been played. It was important to distribute the strips of paper randomly, instead of letting people choose which slip of paper they wanted, to destroy unwanted correlations. E) The choice that every individual could make which allowed group benefit was the $20 option. 3. (4 pts) . Consider the coin flip demonstration. What was the purpose of this demonstration, or what was illustrated? (MTF) (A) The purpose was to show how the choice of different statistical tests allows one to bias an evaluation. (B) The purpose was to show how controlling the null model allows a biased evaluation. (C) The demonstration illustrated a type of bias that would usually occur at the end of a study, after all data were gathered. (D) The demonstration was used as an analogy to a drug company funding trials in stages and terminating funding of a study before it was completed, if the results were not looking favorable. (E) The demonstration was used as an analogy to a vaccine trial that had too few patients to detect a rare side effect. 4. (4 pts) Mark all statements that correctly summarize the information shown in part II of Prisoners of Silence video on Facilitated Communication (FC). MTF The video illustrated: A) individuals whose goals were not just to determine whether FC was real. B) multiple types of non-scientific arguments indicative of bias. C) that the experiments debunking FC brought an end to institutional support for FC (by institutions such as Syracuse University and the schools whose facilitators had made allegations of sexual abuse). D) a valid objection to the design of experiments debunking FC, and the video proposed new experiments to overcome this objection. .
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How our brains mislead us 5. (5 pts) The chapter and lecture on this topic listed and discussed several ways in which our brains automatically think and make decisions that are not “rational” under the scientific method. Which of the following options are from that list or illustrate a point on that list (lecture covered more than in the book)? MTF
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ex4ab05 - 1(4 pts Key code box and name Fill in(A B to...

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