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Exam 3, Biology 301D, 15 November 2000 Printed name ________________ Questions should be assumed to allow none, one, or many answers unless stated otherwise. If any part of an option is incorrect, treat the option as incorrect and do not mark it. 7 pages, 100 points, 24 questions 1. (4 pts.) (2pts) Social security number and name . Fill in the scantron form with the correct bubbles for your name and social security number. (For good measure, put your name on this hard copy too.) (2pts) Key Code : Fill in ( A ) and ( B ) on scantron question 1. to indicate your exam code. Electromagnetic Fields 2. (5 pts) Scientists currently accept which of the following about electromagnetic fields? (none, one, or many) (A) Most of the available data concerning EMFs and cancer were originally correlational but are now experimental. (B) Across most studies, the typical high-EMF homes with increased leukemia rates have a risk factor in the range of 3-5. (C) EMFs are easily screened out by shielded wires (D) Cosmic rays are a major source of the low-frequency EMFs that US citizens receive. (E) A variety of animal models have helped us understand specifically how EMFs cause cancer Videos ( emphasizing 3. (6 pts) Which statements about the "Secrets of the Psychics" video (featuring James Randi and the palm reader Ray Hayman) are correct or valid? (A) Model that was tested: People's responses to palm reading reflect the accuracy of the readings. (B) Progress through the scientific method : The model in (A) was rejected (or refuted) by an experiment indicated in the video. (C) Experiment : an experiment was conducted (but not shown) in which Ray obtained positive client responses to palm reading when he told the client the opposite of what the books said about palms. The manipulation in this experiment was that he gave a palm reading that deviated from the recommended methods about palm reading. (D) The control group for the experiment in option C consisted of people to whom he had previously given palm readings according to the book. By itself, this control group would not have constituted an experiment, because there was no manipulation to test a model. (E) Replication : from the video it was evident that the experiment was conducted on more than one individual - 1 -
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4. (8 pts) First Prisoners of Silence video. Some parents and administrators had a strong, vested interest in believing that Facilitated Communication works. It can thus be expected that they will not easily accept test results which show that FC does not work. One possible criticism they raised was that the test environment did not accurately reflect the normal FC environment (it was "intimidating"), hence the children could not be expected to "perform" well during the test. Which of the following options are either legitimate criticisms of the test or are legitimate defenses of the test , taking into account the outcomes of the test? None, one, or many answers. If any part of an option is incorrect, consider the option incorrect and do not mark it.
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exam3ab00 - Exam 3 Biology 301D 15 November 2000 Printed...

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