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Exam 4, Biology 301D, 7 December 2001 Printed name _____________________ 1. (2 pts .) Social security number and name . Fill in the scantron form with the correct bubbles for your name and social security number. Put your name on this exam and turn it in when done, so that we can check your key code. Key Code : Fill in ( A ) and ( B ) on scantron question 1. to indicate your exam code. None, one, all, or any combination of individual answers apply to each question in this exam (except for "key code" questions) . If any part of an option is incorrect, treat the entire option as incorrect. Conflict 2. (5 pts) People often have goals other than finding the truth. We listed material gain as one type of goal, and emotions as another. Which of the following options were discussed or are in the book as biased because of goals stemming from emotional factors ? (A) Douglas Bicklen’s refusal to accept evidence against the validity of facilitated communication (recall the video). (B) Parental refusal to accept evidence against the validity of facilitated communication. (C) Physician’s reactions to Semmelweis’s discovery of the cause (and cure) for high mortality rates in maternity wards (D) John Money’s unwillingness to admit that raising the “boy as a girl” was a mistake 3. (8 pts) Which of the following options describe(s) an outcome that stems from a "tragedy of the commons" conflict or correctly identifies a tragedy of the commons pattern? None, one or many. (A) The owner of a small plot of Northeast deciduous hardwood forest decides to cut down all the trees on his property and build a shopping mall. Although he makes money every year by selling a few trees from his land (a log of prime veneer can generate ten thousand dollars), he has calculated that he can make even more money by building the mall, and as a consequence, the trees are all killed. (B) Were compliance with tax laws voluntary, it is likely that many individuals would choose to pay no taxes but would nonetheless still use the schools and other social infrastructure bought by the taxes that others paid. Ultimately, much of our social infrastructure would collapse. (C) Our parks constitute one of our important public resources that has many direct and indirect benefits to our population. However, many people choose not to use our parks, and as a consequence, this public resource benefits only a subset of the population. (D) The boss of a company hires employees to do all the work. To maximize profits, the boss pays the employees the lowest legal wage possible, even though it means that employees frequently move on to jobs in other companies. (E) Many vaccinations are enforced by society. Without mandatory vaccination, many individuals would either choose not to have
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exam4ab.01 - Exam 4 Biology 301D 7 December 2001 Printed...

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