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Page -3- firing most of the long time field agents, cutting the CIA effectively in half, and instituting rules whereby information was highly compartmentalized and not shared with other agencies. ..which allowed things like 9/11 to occur.) Golitsyn began working on this book almost from the moment of his defection. (The published version contains only half of his 1,200-page manuscript.) The book opens with an extraordinary introduction signed by four former Senior U.S. and British intelligence officers. Three of the men have known the author and his views for 12 years or more. All four "have the highest regard for his personal and professional integrity." (He is an Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire.) They write in the introduction: “Despite the rejection of his views by many of our former colleagues, we continue to believe that the contents of this book are of the greatest importance and relevance to a proper understanding of contemporary events . . . We commend the book for the most serious study by all who are interested in relations
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