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Page -4- Most startling is Golitsyn's prediction that as part of the Communist bloc's strategy for victory the following events will soon occur: * a public Soviet-Chinese reconciliation; * a "spectacular and impressive" liberalization in the Communist bloc with amnesty for dissidents, who would be invited to return; * the freeing of Sakharov, * more trade-union independence, *adoption of constitutional amendments guaranteeing fulfillment of the Helsinki agreements, * reduction in the role of Communist parties; *a revival of controlled "democratization" on the Czech pattern for Eastern Europe, and even the return of Dubcek to power; *demolition of the Berlin Wall--all of them in reality "cosmetic steps," says Golitsyn, because they have been handed down from on high.” * ‘Restructuring’ political and military blocs—NATO and the Warsaw Pact—and the creation of a single ‘Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals’ incorporating a reunited, neutral Germany.’ So ends the quotes from the National Book review.
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