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Page -7- If Russia is truly preparing to initiate a global world war for world dominance, then we should see specific “moves” and preparations that indicate this. From observing these “moves” we might get an indication of timing...as in; How soon before the big trigger is “pulled” starting World War III. In order to ascertain or understand the importance of what we might see, it would be important for us to understand what types of war preparation “moves” we are actually looking for? What follows is a brief list of what I call the: 10 WAYS TO WIN A WAR # PREPARATION BEFORE the war/battle is often THE KEY to winning the war/battle. # DEFEAT OR WEAKEN YOUR ENEMY BEFORE YOU ENGAGE THEM MILITARILY. (critical objectives can sometimes be won without a fight.) # MISDIRECTION, MISINFORMATION & DECEPTION can win a battle/war. (example D-Day & Georgia)
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Unformatted text preview: # SURPRISE is a very powerful weapon. # DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM. (make them blind, deaf and dumb) # CONTROL OF VITAL SUPPLIES & SUPPLY LINES (chokepoints) is essential. (Securing yours…and controlling/destroying your enemies.) # IF POSSIBLE, DEPLOY SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY. A single Superior Weapon can win the entire war/battle. (a bomb example.) # ELIMINATE YOUR ENEMIES POTENTIAL ALLIES …while securing your own. # Never underestimate the power of a 5 th Column behind enemy lines . (especially agents & spies among enemy forces) # ATTACK WITH OVERWHELMING FORCE . Better yet…attack where there is no enemy force to defend. (convince your enemy to move his army as far away as possible from where you plan to attack) GRI Newsletter, January 2009 © Roger K. Young 2009 all rights reserved...
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