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Page -8- # REMEMBER The best way to win a war is to win/achieve your objective… without actually having to fight a war. (Intimidate, Bluff, Trick, Assassinate, Coup, Economic means, Seduce/Convert to an Ally, etc.) IN SUMMARY … If you must fight…Attack with overwhelming force when your enemy least expects it, where/when it is weakest, when/where it cannot get help from allies or receive critical supplies, and while it cannot communicate (blind-deaf-dumb). To emphasize a critical point in modern warfare. .. IN CURRENT MODERN WARFARE, OIL IS THE MOST CRITICAL SUPPLY OF ALL SUPPLIES. Without it, no troops move, no planes fly, no tanks run, no supplies are delivered, etc. In essence, without an adequate supply of oil (gasoline/diesel/jet fuel)…a modern army CANNOT even fight a war, let alone win one. This brings up the Golden Rule. ..HE WHO HAS THE GOLD. ..RULES, and the (black) gold of this world currently is OIL. If you want to rule the world…then you must control the
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Unformatted text preview: energy of the world which is now concentrated in oil. If controlling oil means that you can win wars, control production/manufacturing, and even control food production and distribution, then that is where the most critical preparation for a global war would be. ..that of securing your supplies of oil. ..and setting up the situation to deny your enemy access to it. With that in mind, let us look at the current top 10 oil production/exporting countries. Top Ten Oil Exporting Countries Saudi Arabia (8.73 million barrels per day) …26.12% Russia (6.67) …19.96% Norway (2.91)…8.71% Iran (2.55)…7.63% Venezuela (2.36)…7.06% United Arab Emirates (2.33)…6.97% Kuwait (2.20)…6.58% Nigeria (2.19)…6.55% Mexico (1.80)…5.39% Algeria (1.68)…5.03% Legend: Red=Anti-US/Pro-Russia , Orange=Moderate Arab Countries, Blue=US Friendly, Black=Open to highest bidder . GRI Newsletter, January 2009 © Roger K. Young 2009 all rights reserved...
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