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Page -20- With the invasion of Georgia, Russia now has a firm grip on the only pipeline it did not control to Easter/Southern Europe, as well as the major supply to Israel. However, with its invasion. ..there were three other major benefits that have occurred. The oil that flows through these pipelines originates from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Both of these countries were pro-US, which is why they assisted in building the pipelines with US funding. ADDITIONAL GEORGIAN INVASION BENEFIT 1: Azerbaijan . (Baku oil region) has just switched from being a pro-US government…to pro-Russia. It has also switched a large portion of its oil supplies from the US/EU pipeline…to the Chechnyan/Russian pipeline.
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Unformatted text preview: ADDITIONAL GEORGIAN INVASION BENEFIT 2: Turkmenistan has also followed the same direction. (Switched from pro-US to pro-Russia and started exporting more oil/gas to Southern Russia) ADDITIONAL GEORGIAN INVASION BENEFIT 3: Israel had been helping Georgia, and as a benefit had been allowed to use a Georgian airfield for Israeli military aircraft. We now know that Israel had been planning to use the airfield as a refueling site for a planned attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities. Russian military forces captured that base, and still hold it. GRI Newsletter, January 2009 © Roger K. Young 2009 all rights reserved...
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