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ACC-21021January_Newsletter_p - the Chinese are declaring...

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Page -21- THE GEORGIAN INVASION, A BRILLIANT STRATEGIC MOVE, WONDERFULLY PLANNED AND EXECUTED And so, in one astute move, with the acquisition of Ossetia(Georgia), and the subsequent capitulation of Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan... Russia now controls the largest and most expensive oil pipeline(s) in the world that the US built. (And they didn’t even have the courtesy to say thanks!!) All of this happened while the United States, Europe and the world stood by in amazement. No wonder
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Unformatted text preview: the Chinese are declaring the days of the U.S. as a Super Power are over and Russia has taken its place. In the map below, with the acquisition of these new areas, plus Iran (in yellow and light blue) you can see that RUSSIA AND ITS ALLIES NOW, EITHER CONTROL THE PRODUCTION… OR CAN EASILY STOP THE SHIPMENT… OF 80% OF THE WORLDS OIL PRODUCTION. GRI Newsletter, January 2009 © Roger K. Young 2009 all rights reserved...
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