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Page -28- Israel is not a very large country, with a population of only 7 million. 70% of the population is concentrated along the coast of Israel. It has 3 major cities, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. Because of recent concessions, in what many consider idiotic parts of the West Bank). ..Israel is quite vulnerable to attack. (An analogy would be like giving Iran New Jersey, forcibly moving US citizens out and Iranian militias in, and then standing back and complaining as the Iranians shell New York with rockets and mortars.) GAZA is under HAMAS control and is currently shelling Southern Israel daily. Israel is indicating that it will do something soon about the situation
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Unformatted text preview: soon. The WEST BANK is where the majority of displaced Palestinians live under self autonomy under the PLO. Many work and travel into Israel and Israel has many settlements located there, with over 275,000 Israeli settlers. It is relatively semi-peaceful at this time. Israel controls the disputed territory of the GOLAN HEIGHTS which it captured in the 1967 war. There is an ongoing Syrian demand for the land to be returned, and the UN as recently as 2006 adopted a resolution calling upon Israel to end its occupation of the Golan and declaring all the legislative and administrative measures taken by Israel in the Golan null and void. GRI Newsletter, January 2009 © Roger K. Young 2009 all rights reserved...
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