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Page -30- GRI Analysis Syria, backed by heavy Russian weapons/Armor are poised to overrun Lebanon. But there is really no need…as ½ or more of Lebanon’s army is Hezbolla…supportive of Syria. (In last showdown…anti-Syrian pro-Christian Lebanon government was put into place. Since that time, Syria has pretty much had free reign to bring in weapons, troops, etc.) * Christians and moderates are currently fleeing Lebanon by the thousands….again, a sure sign that war is coming. * Whether or not Syria overruns Lebanon first, overthrowing the current government is inconsequential. The end goal is to prepare to mount a sustained conflict with Israel. * Plus, we cannot forget that Syria was the recipient of most of the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, primarily extremely deadly biological agents, developed by Saddam Hussein. Israel has a do or die situation. (It is more like a choice between very bad and even worse). They need to attack the nuclear facilities of Iran…very soon,
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Unformatted text preview: probably before Obama takes office. Israel has been heavily upgrading its air force and armor, holding drills, etc. It is preparing for the INEVITABLE war. It appears that Russia is prepping Syria and Iran for this attack. *First, the attack on Georgia delayed the Israeli attack on Iran. *It also put Russia in control of Israel’s major source of oil. *Russia’s New top of the line S-300 anti missile, anti-air systems have been delivered and are probably operational in Iran and Syria and in Tartus or will be shortly. *Russian heavy weapons and armor are being stockpiled in Tartus (Syria) by the boatloads. *In the last 45 days…Syria is massing troops on the Lebanon…AND Golan Heights border. *Hamas-Israel truce ended on Thursday Dec 18. Hamas refuses to renegotiate an extension. *Hamas has been bringing in troops, weapons, rockets into Gaza and has GRI Newsletter, January 2009 © Roger K. Young 2009 all rights reserved...
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  • showdown…anti-Syrian pro-Christian Lebanon, heavy Russian weapons/Armor, deadly biological agents, *Russian heavy weapons

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