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Page -31- increased rocket and mortar barrages against Israel. EXPECTATIONS: Currently, Iran is doing everything it can to provoke Israel into attacking. IRAN WANTS ISRAEL TO ATTACK IT, in the hopes that it then can do THREE things: 1. Severely hurt the attacking Israeli force…showing the other Arab nations that the vaunted Israeli air force can be defeated. 2. It gives Iran/Syria an excuse to retaliate. Iran will shut down the Strait of Hormuz…no oil to the Western world. This raises the price of oil back to $100-$200+. (Great for Russia/Iran/Venezuela…VERY BAD for US/ISRAEL/EUROPE). 3. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL…IRAN wants this attack to provoke the Arabs in the world, especially the moderate Arab countries , into joining them for a global Jihad against Israel and the U.S. (This is part of the radical 12 Imam Religious belief of the Islamic Messiah coming during th global war). Iran/Syria/Hamas/Hezbolla is preparing to lead in this war with a massive
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Unformatted text preview: retaliation attack…into Israel through Lebanon, The Golan Heights, and Gaza. They want massive military and civilian casualties on their side…in order to spur outrage. They will make sure it gets top global press. (even if they have to manufacture it.) THE KEY TO THEIR VICTORY. ..IS TO GET ENOUGH NEGATIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS (such as: Israeli’s massacre women and children, or a nuclear weapon goes off, or some other WMD) AGAINST ISRAEL TO CAUSE OUTRAGE AMONG MODERATE ARABS. ..ENOUGH THAT THEY ALL JOIN IN A JIHAD AGAINST ISRAEL. WHEN? Soon. Anytime between now and this Summer. Likely within the next 30 days. Israel needs to do something before Obama takes over January 20th, (because after that it become very difficult) The subsequent ARAB retaliation might be done in stages over a period of a GRI Newsletter, January 2009 © Roger K. Young 2009 all rights reserved...
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  • negative public relations, Roger K. Young, vaunted Israeli air, moderate Arab countries, radical 12th Imam

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