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Unformatted text preview: Page -32- few to several months . (They are trying desperately to do more preparations… including obtaining more nuclear weapons to back-up/support their Jihad. Iran now probably has 1 nuclear weapon. They want/need several for the war.) THE CURRENT ISRAELI PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE AGAINST GAZA : * Israel has decided to do a surprise pre-emptive strike against its enemies rather than wait for them to finish their preparations for war. It choose Hamas in Gaza, as they are the weakest militarily, and do not have good supply routes. ( This is because Egypt does not want a war with Israel and is actually helping Israel by hindering major weapons supplies into Gaza.) * Israel made a surprise attack and caught Hamas completely off guard and with a massive attack over several days has seriously damaged the leadership and strength of Hamas. * So far, the radical militant Islamic groups have not been able to turn it into a massive Public Relations event against Israel. Though they are trying desperately to publicly cry for a Jihad against Israel...and aretrying desperately to publicly cry for a Jihad against Israel....
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