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ACC-21034January_Newsletter_p - BCC courses acc-210

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Page -34- 1. A PERIOD OF ECONOMIC CHAOS (Summer of Hell 2009) * Massive Rising Unemployment occurs as we move from DEFLATION to HYPERINFLATION . Hyperinflation begins to take off catching most people by surprise. Prices will soar in different areas. The price of most commodities will double, triple and then increase even more by the end of the year. This sets up a COMPLETE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE and CHANGE TO A NEW CURRENCY down the road. When it does occur, this will bring about widespread violence throughout the country, especially in the large cities. How long this phase will last is uncertain...at least 8 months starting in the late Spring/Summer of 2009, perhaps a couple of years. (See below for more details.) 2. A SLIGHT IMPROVEMENT * It will be that things will improve, or at least appear to improve. In other words...people will believe that the country has hit rock bottom and is starting to climb out of the hole. As part of this, New Massive Governmental Welfare programs will be announced and instituted. This period of “hope” that the
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