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Page -36- * Oil to jump back up to $60-$80+ per barrel with subsequent rise at the pump. (Perhaps $3-$4 at the pump.) * Food prices to generally keep on rising. At least another 20%–50%. * A Russian Expansionism move somewhere. It could be Ukraine, Poland, Eastern Europe, West Asia, Middle East. EVENTS I EXPECT TO SEE IN THE NEXT 12-24 MONTHS * 5-10 Major Natural Disasters (each involving tens of thousands of people). Fires, Floods, Earthquakes, Tornados, Hurricanes, Tsunamis here in the U.S. * Major crop failures in parts of the world. * Food prices on most items to double. Especially wheat/rice/beans. * Gas at $5 gal. It could even go to $10 gal. * More roving power outages throughout the country * International Pandemic or Pandemics * Lebanon to be overrun/taken over by Syrian/Iranian forces. supported by Russian equipment. * Hamas/Hizbolla (supported by Syria/Iran/Lebanon/Russia) launch a major
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