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Page -38- saying, unemployment will continue to climb. In fact it will skyrocket, especially after the Holiday Retail Sales disaster and the surge of bankruptcies, foreclosures, defaults, etc, that will follow. * can “TPTB” keep it under valued. Probably only a couple of months more and then it will take off. It will quickly jump to $2000 and then as Hyperinflation occurs in more areas, it could double again by the end of summer and possibly even again by the end of the year. Currently, large scale purchases of gold are not available. Watch Comex. **THE 2009 SUMMER OF HELL (Economy collapse/Hyperinflation begins) * Excess Inventory has been sold off and the economy has tanked big time. The Reality of flooding trillions of dollars into the money supply, the complete absurdity of the many “bailouts,” and the completely inept political/economic leadership has begun to hit home.
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