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Fuel Supply Problems? Yes and no. Many trillions of barrels are left, but perhaps several decades’ worth is readily available at current prices. No. Current estimates of proven reserves are 70 times present an- nual world consump- tion, and the size of proven reserves has increased every year since 1970. Yes and no. The lightest gas, hy- drogen does not exist naturally on earth. However, it can be produced using a wide variety of pri- mary energy sources. Yes and no. Most renewables occur in large but not inexhaustible, amounts. However, ancillary problems exist, such as the pos- sibility of running out of wind farm sites. No. By most accounts, the world has a sufficient supply of uranium to accommodate greatly increased nuclear power generation. Re- processing spent fuel could stretch this even farther. No. Proven reserves in the United States alone are huge. China and India also have large reserves. ISSUE PETROLEUM NATURAL GAS HYDROGEN RENEWABLES NUCLEAR COAL Major Cost Concerns? Yes. Unexpected rise in demand or decline in production can have a sharp effect on prices, with often dramatic economic consequences. Yes.
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