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Chapter 1

Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac)

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Cha pter 1: Environmental Problems and Living Sustainabilit y MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Stratospheric ozone a. screens out ultraviolet radiation. b . allowed the evolution of life on land. c. prevents ozone formation in the troposphere. d . all of these answers. ANS: D 2. Ozone which contributes to the formation of smog is found in the a. troposphere. b . thermosphere. c. mesosphere. d . stratosphere. ANS: A 3. Each of the following is one of the major classes of outdoor pollutants except a. carbon oxides. b . smog. c. nitrogen oxides. d . sulfur oxides. ANS: B 4. Acid deposition has been linked to a. contamination of fish with highly toxic methylmercury. b . excessive soil nitrogen levels. c. reduced nutrient uptake by tree roots. d . all of these answers. ANS: D 5. Experts rate indoor air pollution as a a. high-risk health problem for humans. b . medium-risk health problem for humans.
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low-risk health problem for humans. d . high-risk ecological problem. ANS: A 6. Radioactive ____ is a product of uranium decay and an indoor air pollutant. a. radon b . radium c. plutonium d . Lead ANS: A 7. The people least vulnerable to air pollution are a. infants. b . elderly people. c. adult males. d . people with heart and respiratory disease. ANS: C 8. Carbon monoxide a. causes the blood to carry too much oxygen. b . speeds up reflexes. c. causes headaches and dizziness. d . sharpens thinking and perceptions. ANS: C 9. Acid deposition a. increases the mobility of toxic metals. b . kills many species of fish. c. damages statues, buildings, and car finishes. d
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Environmental Problems and Living...

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