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Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac)

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quiz5 True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. ____ 1. An environmentally sustainable society must be based on policies that provide for economic growth and de- velopment. ____ 2. In an environmental context as in a medical one, all individuals must subscribe to the physicians' motto: "First, do no harm." ____ 3. Developing countries have a significant negative affect on the environment because of the consumption per person and technological impact per unit of consumption. ____ 4. The 'tragedy of the commons' refers to a lack of agricultural sustenance available for the common (poor) people in a country. ____ 5. Affluenza increases man's ecological footprint and compromises environmental quality for people all over the world. ____ 6. Decreasing population growth in developed countries will decrease resource consumption. ____ 7. The per capita ecological footprint is the availability of productive land and usable water to support the popu- lation with no consideration for environmental impact. ____ 8. As in a human body, the earth's capacity to repair itself is critical to its survival. ____ 9. The death of thousands of young adults to AIDS has strengthened their countries' economic status because there are fewer people to feed. ____ 10. An environmentally sustainable society will require most white-collar American workers to decrease their consumption of products. ____ 11. Natural capital degradation is a by-product of economic development. ____ 12. Poverty, pollution, water shortages, and degradation of biodiversity are the most serious current environment- al conditions. ____ 13. Air and water pollution in most developed countries has decreased in the past due to money and public aware- ness. ____ 14. When a nonrenewable resource is completely exhausted, it is referred to as economically depleted. ____ 15. Pollution cleanup is considered a short-term solution if population and consumption levels grow without cor- responding improvement in pollution control technology. ____ 16. Rapid population growth and poverty are reflective of developing countries and have little impact on pollu- tion. ____ 17. Education on the interrelation of all environmental factors is necessary to permanently impact pollution. ____ 18. Developing countries have an increase of premature deaths primarily because of malnutrition. ____ 19. Overall, the air quality is poorer and drinking water more polluted today than in the 1970s. ____ 20. When a country's GDP decreases, the per capita GDP must also decrease. ____ 21. Reserves can be increased during economic development.
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____ 22. Atoms, ions, and molecules only occur in living organisms. ____ 23. According to the Law of Conservation of Matter, a chemical change in the atoms causes some destruction in the atom. ____ 24.
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T_F questions - quiz5 True/False Indicate whether the...

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