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Unformatted text preview: EECS 203: DISCRETE MATHEMATICS Homework 9 Due Tuesday, December 4 at 4pm Put your name and discussion section number (not the meeting time) on the first page of your homework. Submit your homework to (a) CTools, as a PDF file, or (b) the drop box marked EECS 203 in room EECS 2420. If neither (a) nor (b) is possible please turn in your homework at one of the discussion sections. 1. (9 points) If R V V is a binary relation over V then R- 1 (the inverse) is defined as: ( x, y ) R if and only if ( y, x ) R- 1 . Prove or disprove the following: (a) If R is transitive & reflexive then R R- 1 is an equivalence relation. (b) If R is a partial order then R- 1 is a partial order. (c) ( R R- 1 ) * is an equivalence relation. 2. (4 points) Let P N N be the relation where xPy holds if and only if x = y i for some i N . Is P a partial order? an equivalence relation? neither?...
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