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Edwards Chapter 8 - Unit 6 Edwards and Wayne Chapter 8 The...

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Unit 6 Edwards and Wayne: Chapter 8- The Psychological Presidency 1. Qualifications For Office a. Founders took precautions against potential abuse of power b. System was created for the most qualified person, not necessarily the most popular person to be chosen c. Only three requirements listed in the Constitution i. Natural Born citizen ii. Resident of the U.S. for at least fourteen years iii. Must be at least 35 years old 2. Social and Political Background a. Generally presidents have come from wealth or high social standing b. Advantages have offered presidents chances at better education and more professional opportunities i. Since 1900 only one president did not go to college c. Most presidents have held elective office before being president d. Increasing public aspects of the presidency have also put more importance on communication skills 3. Physical Attributes and General Health a. Feelings can strongly affect decision making and energy level b. Health problems have usually been covered up or downplayed c. Presidents have an official physician d. Modern presidents have still had medical issues e. Tremendous stress of the job can cause health issues f. The more serious the illness, the longer the recovery, the more removed the president becomes, delaying important decisions g. Presidents are generally older than average Americans but some have been relatively young h. Being in office often ages the President tremendously 4. Psychological Orientation a. Personality also affects behavior b. Focus on relationship between personality and performance c. Two types of studies of Presidential Personality i. Psychobiography 1. Explains behavior by analyzing their life and the context of their presidency a. I.E. Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream by Doris Kearns b. I.E. In the Shadow of the Father: The Transformations of George W. Bush by Stanley Renshon ii. Other approach more comparative 1. Generalizes behavior on the basis of certain psychologically oriented dimensions
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2. Tries to examine how personality affects seeking the presidency, structuring it, staffing it and using its power
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Edwards Chapter 8 - Unit 6 Edwards and Wayne Chapter 8 The...

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