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Unformatted text preview: 1 M I D TER M EXAM M K T 636 SUPPLY CHAIN (Write answers after “Answer:” T/F = 2, MC = 3. Essay = 9. Feel free to explain your answers if you are unsure. OPEN BOOK!!!) 1. Every organization has an operations function. Answer: 2. Most organizations function as part of a larger supply chain. Answer: 3. The supply chain is a network of manufacturers and service providers that work together to convert and move goods from the raw materials stage to the end user. Answer: 4. Of the three flows linking organizations in a supply chain, information and monetary flows always move upstream and physical flows always move downstream. Answer: 5. Which of the following is NOT a flow typically found in a supply chain? a. physical b. information c. monetary d. risk Answer: 6. Which of the following is primarily a supply chain management decision? a. from whom to purchase materials b. how many of each item should be produced c. the mix of labor skill and automation d. plant location Answer: 7. Which of the following is NOT a trend in operations management? a. increased use of electronic commerce b. increased globalization c. decreased delivery times d. decreased customization Answer: 8. In general, core competencies make excellent strategies. Answer: 2 9. Which of these is NOT one of the primary objectives of an operations and supply chain strategy? a. To help management choose the right mix of structural and infrastructural elements, based on a clear understanding of the performance dimensions valued by customers and the trade-offs involved. b. To ensure that the firm’s structural and infrastructural choices are strategically aligned with the firm’s business strategy....
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