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Copy of Entertainment - Entertainment Inc Attn Customer...

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Entertainment, Inc. Attn: Customer Service 16300 Roscoe Blvd. Suite 150 Van Nuys, CA 91406 To whom it may concern, On December 25 th 2007, my daughter received one of your products for a Christmas present. At first I thought nothing of the gift, other than it made my daughter happy to receive it. Later that day my daughter brought the gift to me so that I may open it for her. I was more than happy to open the product for my daughter as I had done for all of her other gifts. When I looked down to see what the gift was I was surprised to be looking at your product. The product that she received was a Baby Bratz Doll. I was even more appalled to discover that my niece had one of your dolls too, and she had already gotten hers open. By the time I had gotten to her to take the doll away, she was in the process of changing her clothes where I was further shocked to see adult like underpants on the doll. The doll is probably one of the most offensive toys I have ever seen. You have taken the
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