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{Office use only: OB - TL# ________ PD - TL# _________ DO - TL # ________} NATIONAL GUARD OF ARIZONA EDUCATION REIMBURSEMENT CONTROL NUMBER ST Applicant must complete items 1 through 21. Use typewriter, if possible, otherwise please print clearly 1. Name (Last, First, MI) 2. Social Security # 3. Rank 4. Unit 5. Complete Mailing Address 6a. Duty Ext. 6b. Home/Cell Phone: 6c. Work Phone: 7. Did you complete AIT or Tech School: YES or NO 8a. Basic Pay Entry Date/Pay Date: 8b. ETS/DOS Date: 8c. Email Address: 9. School Name: 10. School Address Include City, State and Zip Code: 11. STUDENT STATUS (Circle) FULL TIME 3/4 TIME PART TIME 12. SCHOOL TERM (Check One) FALL________ WINTER________ SPRING_______ SUM(1)_______ SUM(2)_______ 13. I am currently pursuing a (circle): [AA DEGREE] [1st BACHELORS] [2nd BACHELORS] [VO/TECH/CERT] [MASTERS] 14a. I am receiving (circle all that apply). .. SR-MGIB (Chapter 1606) AD-MGIB (Chapter 30) Federal TA Student Loan Repayment Program COURSE NUMBER (CHM 113)
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