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Fat Kids - 1 In America alone obesity and overweight...

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In America alone obesity and overweight children has become a serious issue over the past 30 years. America alone has been labeled with being one if not the fattest nation in the world and the problem doesn’t seem to be getting better as time passes on. In this passage we will travel through the passages of Obesity and overweight children. We will discover what obesity is, how to possibly prevent obesity, what causes obesity in our youth, and some of the health concerns that can occur with being an obese child. Obesity in children and adolescents is a serious issue with many health and social consequences that often continue into adulthood. Coming up with prevention programs and getting a better understanding of treatment for a child is important if we want to control the obesity problem. Many parents are concerned about their own child's weight and how it will affects them. I know that I have wondered and concerned over this topic myself with my own daughter. Many of us have looked for answers for prevention and treatment options, but unfortunately the science is a lot less precise than we would like. There are many factors that contribute to causing a child to fall into obesity and some are modifiable while others are not. Some of the possible modifiable causes include the actual physical activity or lack of regular exercise the child is partaking in. With the excessive amounts of time watching television, playing on the internet, using computers, playing video games and similar behavior that takes up time that could be used conducting physical activity. Other causes for a person to become obese can be their socioeconomic status like the low family incomes and non working parents. The child’s eating habits, whether there are over- consumptions of high-calorie foods. Some eating patterns that have been associated with this behavior are eating when not hungry, eating while watching TV, doing homework, or when just bored. The child’s environment creates factors of over-exposure to advertising of foods that 1
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promote the high-calorie foods. A factor that is non-changeable could be the child’s genetics
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Fat Kids - 1 In America alone obesity and overweight...

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