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Global CitiesKoptiuch

Global CitiesKoptiuch - Graveyards Hospitals Residential...

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Global Cities Koptiuch/S2008 SPATIAL TYPOLOGY OF URBANISM Spatial types Global Dimensions Markets/commercial spaces Target – JC Penny’s – Albertson’s – The Indoor Swap mart Malls – Grocery Stores Production/industrial spaces Poore Brothers Chips – Avnet – Microsoft – Intel Mills Office spaces Mail box Ect. – West Valley Endotonics – The Civic Center WTC State (governmental) spaces USPS – IRS – Phoenix Police Dept – Superior Courts Court Houses - Mail Service spaces UPS – KFC – Great Clips – Wise Guys Car Wash
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Unformatted text preview: Graveyards - Hospitals Residential spaces Cortina housing development – Corte Vista Apartments Houses - Apartments Sacred spaces Radiant Church - Cactus Christian Fellowship Synagogues - Churches Carceral (incarcerate) spaces Lewis Prison – Aspen SPU – Alhambra – Phoenix Zoo Prisons – Zoos Heritage spaces Historic Heritage Square Museums Recreational spaces Castles N Coasters – Phoenix Symphony Hall – Salt River Tubing Theme Parks Recycled/reclaimed spaces Glendale Material Waste The Dump...
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