Preschool - 1 Green Eggs and Ham / Dr. Seuss / 1960 The...

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Green Eggs and Ham / Dr. Seuss / 1960 The story of Green Eggs and Ham is a great children’s book that appeals to children of all ages and genders. Being that it is required to select a gender to place with this book I would have to see that the story of Green Eggs and Ham is more suited for a boy than a girl. The reason that I chose a boy over a girl o for this story was because I relate more to the chaos of the story and running around everywhere, and the fact that he is refusing to even try the green eggs and ham. I can even picture a boy being the one that would be more apt to refusing to eat his food than I can see a girl. The ages for this book that I would recommend this book to would be from as early as two and as late as eight years of age. I selected such a young age for this book because of the silliness of the story, the fact that it is a rhyming story. I could see that the book is fun to listen to even if the child doesn’t understand the book, they could follow along and enjoy the tones of the rhymes the story creates. Personally I like to read this story as fast as I can to enhance the excitement of the story. I also liked the fact that the pictured were all attached to each section about the story which makes it easier for children to follow along. The lessons learned and main idea of this story were to take chances. It tries to let children know that not everything you see will be the way you expect it to be. Simply it is teaching children to try new foods and not to be discouraged just based on the way the food initially appears. Overall I think it shows children that sometimes you have to let your guard down and try new things. People can be very surprised by what happens when they are not allows afraid of the unknown. Unfortunately I can also see that children could also pick up the idea that it is ok to pester continuously to get what you want, which I would have to say is not the trait I would want any of my children to pick up. 1
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If I were to rewrite this story I do not know what I would change about it. I like the fact that the words are simple, I like the fact that the story rhymes, and I am not fond of the lesson that kids could pick up about being consistent and you will get what you want, but it is good for children to learn that persistence can pay off. I have placed a lot of thought into how I could possibly modify this story in any way and I was not able to come up with anything that I would change about the story. This story definitely stimulated learning for children of many ages. I know personally my daughter was able to memorize the story because of the fact that it was a good, fun, rhyming story that was easy to follow, and had a lot of illustration to mimic what was being read. The story gives children a chance to memorize the story so as they are going through trying to read it for them they know which words come next and would be able to easily identify each word on memory alone. I think that this is a good feature to have so the children become more familiar
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Preschool - 1 Green Eggs and Ham / Dr. Seuss / 1960 The...

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