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final Reseach Article

final Reseach Article - With all of the people who have...

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Within the American society, most of the people follow some sort of organized religion. This might seem commonplace to some, but at the same time, it could easily been seen as a horribly negative characteristic. Throughout history millions of people have died in the name of their religious master. The Crusades for instance lasted around 200 years over the control of Juresilm. The French Wars of Religion between the Roman Catholics and Protestants around 17 million people died. During the Thirty Years War it is estimated around 11 million people died, and within this century there have been thousands upon thousands of people who have died over the beliefs of the Islamic religion who wish to destroy the infidels.
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Unformatted text preview: With all of the people who have died and all of the other wars that have been fought over religion, it appears crucial that research be conducted to determine why it is that people allow their religion to control their lives. Why does religion continue to thrive in our lives? There are many reasons that could be associated with why religion is such a large part of human existence. Some could say that religion was passed onto us when we were first created; some would so it is a biological urge compelling us to believe in more. Some would say that this article is going to explore those avenues and focus efforts towards the aspect of why humans are so willing to be controlled, and...
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