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Research Question - Robert McCain 14 October 2009 RES 600...

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Robert McCain 14 October 2009 RES 600 / 2956 DR. Pingerelli Why Religion? Today, I woke up, got dressed, and began my drive into work. I left the house without a hitch, and it seemed like just another day. Then, as I was crossing 59 th avenue, I was nearly hit by a cement truck. The truck had accidentally run the red light, and had come barreling through the intersection that I was attempting to cross. I saw the lights of the truck pass right behind me, only missing me by a few feet. I have to admit, it was quite intense. Later on, I made it to work, preceded to my desk for yet another very productive day. I sat down and began diligently working away. After about three hours of working I decided to take a break. I walked into the break area to get an ice cold Coca Cola, when I heard a terrible crash coming from the other end of the building. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I went to discover what had happened. Upon arriving at the scene, I saw a giant pile of rubble, with concrete and filing cabinets covering what used to be my desk.
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