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In order to complete group project one my group was responsible for finding someone to interview. On Saturday 10 November 2007 around noon my assigned group conducted that interview. We met up with an individual who volunteers for the Arizona Recreation Center for the Handicapped (ARCH). The volunteer told us all about how he started volunteering and why he now volunteered for ARCH. This project took a lot less effort on our part as far as finding information, but we still had to listen to the volunteer to gather as much information as possible. The volunteer revealed information about himself and the group ARCH. We were able to take information out of his stories and experiences and explore additional meanings. The volunteer stated that he experienced great joy out of volunteering although sometimes it could be difficult. Each member in this group worked well together. All participants were present
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Unformatted text preview: for all of the meetings. Everyone was able to listen to the volunteer tell his story. Then each individual input their perceptions of what the volunteered stated into our research. Everyone had some valuable information and attributes to add to the research. I think that the key to our study was everyone working together as a team. My personal contribution to this group assignment was attending all of the meetings. I helped the group stay on track of what was needed, including meeting time requirements. I helped focus the group while writing the paper to come to agreement with ideas. My main role within the group was writing the paper as we stated our ideas. This helped the group state what they wanted in the paper and we could organize from there....
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