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Fat Movie

Fat Movie - The main characters The Sub-Characters The plot...

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The main characters The Sub-Characters The plot The Sub-plot How the film is important to my qualitative research How the film is pertinent to my social phenomenon In the movie The Nutty Professor, (Grazier & Shadyac, 1996) the main character is a genetics professor named Klump Klump. Klump is a 400 pounds man who has tried diets and exercises to lose weight. Klumps efforts were unable to shed the unwanted pounds. Klump became tired of trying to lose weight the hard way and decides to place his efforts on trying to invent fat reducing formula. The formula would make a human being instantly skinny. Klump finds that his real problems start after discovering the formula for the fat reducing gene potion. Klump meets the beautiful Professor Carla Purty and he instantly has an attraction for her. Klump had already been working on his fat reducing formula before he met Purty. His embarrassment leads him to further his testing of the fat reducing formula. but is frustrated by his tremendous bulk After Klump figures out the formula works Klump decides to test the formula on himself. The formula is an instant success, but brings out Klump’s alter ego Buddy Love. Buddy Love is everything that Klump thought he wanted to be. Love is smart, physically fit, irresistible ladies man. His family was dysfunctional. Testing it on himself, he discovers he’s no longer the man he used to be; in fact, he’s only half the man he used to be. With one swig, the gentle, painfully shy academic is transformed into the swaggering Casanova, Buddy Love--an irresistible ladies'' man who can talk his way out of any predicament. This new personality gives Klump the confidence to pursue the chemistry department’s beautiful new professor, Carla Purty. Indeed everything, to Klump’s utter amazement, is beyond his most perfect dreams--until he discovers that his long-lasting creation is actually an unstable substance that can wear off at any time. and needs the help of his large, eccentric family to fight off his slimmed-down alter ego, "Buddy Love." One day he meets a beautiful and charming woman named Carla Purty , and he falls in love with her. Klump is aware to the fact, though, that he is a clumsy fat guy, while she is a young gorgeous lady. This makes him depressed, but just until he finds the solution for his problem. He decides to drink a potion which he invented himself in his lab. The
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potion makes him look very good, and behave romantically. The new him, named Buddy Love, is the perfect solution for Klump, in his opinion. But is that what Carla really wants? he meets an admirer of his, named Carla, who is a teacher new to Klump's college. He is
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Fat Movie - The main characters The Sub-Characters The plot...

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