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For group project two, the coding method, our group agreed to use the obituaries. Each group member was assigned five obituaries to analyze from the 18 November 2007 Arizona Republic . Each person recorded the scores of their obituaries on a separate sheet of paper. Once each person in the group completed their analysis the data was inputted into an excel worksheet for further analysis. Our group researched obituaries in order to explore which information was being most commonly posted in the obituaries. The goal was to explore any correlations between the most abundant categories. The obituaries were scored based on age, number of children, gender, accomplishments, marital status, cause of death, and whether or not they were Arizona natives. We coded each category with a specific set of numbers. For example gender, females were coded with a 1 and males were coded with a 2. Marital status was coded married as 1, or not married with a 2. Age was coded based on the actual age of the deceased. So if the deceased was 57 years old, then
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Unformatted text preview: they would receive a code of 57. We used the age to determine a mean at the age of death. Working in group can be difficult at times, but this project went well. Everyone in the group participated. We all worked as a team to complete the same goal. The work was evenly divided up. Everyone respected one another’s opinions and suggestions while conducting our research on the obituaries. Nobody seemed to be left out and it was a pleasure to work with my group. In the group I am the one that came up with the idea of using the obituaries for our content analysis. I typed the group paper while we were at our meeting. Everyone was present when the paper was written, I just happen to be the one to type it. I helped Beri input all of the data into an Excel worksheet so we could complete the analysis. I helped motivate the group to stay focused and to meet the objective....
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