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Proposal Cover3 - I voluntarily agree to donate my personal...

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The recent social change for blue collar American workers brought on by globalization. Derek Fowler Qualitative Methods (SBS 302) Arizona State University @ West Campus Submitted to: Kristin Leigh Sorensen, Ph.D. Date submitted: 09/04/07
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Informed Consent Title of study: Obesity in American. Principal investigator: Robert McCain Email address: RMcCaine2@Phoenix.Gov Description of the research You have been asked to donate information pertinent to a research study about the impact and cause of obesity, in regards to your personal diet and health. The purpose of the research is to examine the increase of obesity in modern society. This may provide awareness to other American's of the many ways obesity may have an affect on our culture. The study will involve various research methods, including questionnaires, discussion of participant's personal experiences, and observations. The documents provided by you will help further the knowledge in the study of obesity and the resulting social change.
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Unformatted text preview: I voluntarily agree to donate my personal health information for incorporation in this study. I understand that I may withdraw my materials from this study at any time without penalty or prejudice. I understand that: Adequate safeguards will be provided to maintain privacy and confidentiality of my health information. The study is anonymous. My name will not be used to identify any personal information reported. My individual health information will not be reported; rather, aggregate data will be reported. There are minimal risks associated with this study. There is no compensation for donating my health information to this study. The principal investigator has described the study. The principal investigator has answered all my questions. ______________________________ _________________________ (participant signature) (investigator signature) ___________________________ _________________________ (date) (date)...
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Proposal Cover3 - I voluntarily agree to donate my personal...

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