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Research draft/paper The student will be responsible for reporting his/her individual qualitative sociological research in word-processed format. The research must include information from at least four contemporary qualitative peer reviewed journal articles, at least one documentary (film), at least one nonfiction account (book), and one other source such as journal/diary, novel, reference to art or music reflecting the topic of interest. Using APA style, the report is to be word-processed, double-spaced using 12 point Times New Roman or Courier New font size and style. The draft version of the paper is worth up to ten
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Unformatted text preview: points. The final research report is worth up to 15 points. Title page (separate page) Page header (includes brief title, page number) Running head Title Author Name of institution Abstract (separate page) Information from all parts of research Introduction Sufficient literature review Topic of interest introduced Current research specified Hypothesis specified Method Information regarding participants provided Materials Procedure Results Specified analysis Findings adequately described Tables and figures (reader is directed to appropriate appendixes)...
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