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Ideal Career

Ideal Career - Interestingly enough I have been fighting my...

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Interestingly enough I have been fighting my career choice for over ten years now. I have always been opposed to becoming an officer in the military, and I generally have nothing good to say about the Air Force. I strongly feel that officers receive far too much credit for the work that is completed by the people working under them. I have seen the Air Force receive special treatment over my colleagues for many years. So when asked what I know about the career I am choosing is, I would have to say I know a great deal about the career. I would like to become an United States Air Force officer. I have worked with the Air Force and officers before in my ten years in the Army. So armed with that experience I know many things about my career choice, but there are a lot of things I am sure I do not know. I know that as an officer in the Air Force I will be in a supervisory position. I may start off without any people to supervise, but if that is the case I will have equipment. I will be the responsible party on many of my sections paperwork, and inventories. I will be asked to make final decisions on many things, but in the beginning they will be limited. In this career path that the likelihood of getting deployed is probable, but that is something that I have already been accepting and risked for over ten years. I know that sometimes I will be asked to work over 40 hours a week, and to accept the fact that some day I may be asked to take another persons life. Some of the things that I know about the career I am choosing are the same as the reasons that I have my job now. I will have unlimited health insurance for my wife and kids. The military offers a decent life insurance policy, and lets my family members continue receiving benefits in the event of my death. I would not have to worry about getting laid off for any reason, and I already know what to expect when I retire. Furthermost one of the nicest things about becoming
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an officer in the Air Force is that the pay rate is considerably higher than what I am currently receiving as an enlisted member of the Army. Within my quest to find out if the career that I intend to pursue is the right career for me, I was intending on a completing a few different methods of research. I had intended on finding out what I would need to do to be able to get into this career. I wanted to find out what the restrictions were that might keep me from getting the career. I want to know if this position is going to meet my salary needs for me to want to continue looking at this career seriously. I will need to find out if this position will still be around when I get my degree. There are many questions that need to be answered before I can completely say that this is going to be the career for me or not, but through this research I hope to eliminate as many of those concerns as possible.
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Ideal Career - Interestingly enough I have been fighting my...

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