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Interview continued - 1 In an attempt to better understand...

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In an attempt to better understand more about my ideal career I will be conducting a face- to-face interview with a current, active duty officer within the U.S. Air Force. This interview is necessary so that I may get better insight about my ideal career. In order to set this interview up, I started by calling the local Air Force base, which happens to be Luke Air Force Base in Glendale Arizona. I contacted The Command Center and located a Captain. I was going to try to locate someone that was truly close to the same as I am, as far as the obstacles I am facing, but finding an officer that was prior Army, that had ten years in, married with children, and almost 30 when attempting to enter the Air Force would be next to impossible. So this exploration will be helpful, but not perfect. I contacted with Brad Turner, a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. I informed Brad who I was, what I was doing, what school I was in, and why I needed an officer to interview. After talking with Brad for a few minutes he informed me that he would be happy to help me with the interview. I requested that Brad’s email address so I could prepare him with the questions I was going to be asking. We scheduled an appointment that worked for both of us, and agreed to meet at Luke Air Force Base, in the commander’s conference room. The building that Brad and I conducted the interview in was the Command Center of Luke Air Force Base. It had the Commander’s office, the Vice Commander’s office, and all of his supporting staff. There were at least five different offices within the building to support the Commander. One of the offices had at least ten desks in it. The ranks of the personnel in the building ranged anywhere from Airman (the lowest rank) to General (quite high). The most common ranked personnel were officers. Within the Command Center Brad and I met in the Commander’s conference room.
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Interview continued - 1 In an attempt to better understand...

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