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Part 1 - Part I At the beginning of this semester I had...

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Part I At the beginning of this semester I had already started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. I had been realizing I was not as happy as I would like to be at my current job. I had been evaluating my career and found that I wanted more for my life. I wanted to find a career that would help support my family more, give me the chance to leave Arizona, and mostly one that would not kill me. I know the risk of being killed will seem crazy to you when you read this, but I have had many jobs that have almost killed me. I have been a construction worker where I operated heavy equipment. I worked as an underground tunneling crew member and everyday presented a new hazard. Then the most obvious danger was when I was a Paratrooper in the U.S. Army. Jumping from planes was only one of many risks with that job. Right now I work in an office but I am assigned to an infantry unit. When the infantry gets deployed we have one of the highest risks for injury and/or death. Needless to say most of my past jobs have been very hazardous. Now that I have children, a wife, and I am getting older, all of these dangerous jobs do not impress, nor intrigue me anymore. I would like to place myself in a job that will allow me to spend the rest of my life with my family. I have had a lot happen to me over the past year or so, and it has given me a different perspective about things. I know what is important to me now. I know how much my family means to me and I want to do as much for my family as I can. Now that I have gone through the course and reflecting upon what we covered. I see that my future career choice of Air Force officer is a legitimate and reasonable choice for me. By completing the Bolles Flower Diagram, my Holland Code Assessment, the informational
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interview, the Career Anchors Assessment, and completing the research figuring out where I stand is much clearer. The Bolles Flower Diagram supported my career choice in many of the categories that were covered. The geography section supported the Air Force because I want to leave Arizona, and in the military I will most likely leave Arizona. My subjects of interest were supportive because the military is one of my biggest interests. The Air Force position I wish to obtain entails working with many people which. This supports my needs in the category people because I am a very social person. The Air Force has a lot of values and goals that are questionable with me, but many I support as well. I can overlook, or deal with, any of the values that I do not agree with. The working conditions in the Air Force are exactly what I am looking for. I need to get out of the hazardous fields and into a nice safe career. The level of responsibility and salary range are right where I would like to be. I do not expect to be a rich man in my life, but it will help me be around where I am looking to be. Looking back on the Holland code I would have to say I still disagree with it. My
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Part 1 - Part I At the beginning of this semester I had...

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