PART II - Part II Time management affects everyone Whether...

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Part II Time management affects everyone. Whether you are managing your time, or just letting time go by, time is still part of your life. For me personally time management feels more like a time race. I feel like I am always racing to get here, or there. I get up at the last minute and race to get ready for work. I race to work to turn around and race home. Once I get home I hurry up and eat and spend ten minutes with the family and race to class. After class is over each night I race back home to spend some time with my wife. I only sleep as little as I absolutely need. I try to get away with as little sleep as I can. Then I do the same thing the next day. Managing your time can be very healthy or in my case just the opposite. I spend more time stressing, racing and not sleeping than what is healthy. Within the American culture we tend to live and die by the clock. Everything we do is timed or measured by time. We act as though time is a commodity where we earn more if we waste less. We don’t seem to care about our own health quality, we prefer our time quality. People race from place to place, making appointments to limit waiting, and have little time to just sit and watch the clouds fly by. America spends a lot of effort on trying to find ways to get things done faster and more efficiently. It seems as though quality is being placed on a backburner to the ability to do something faster. Fast food is my prime example. America knows that fast food is horrible for them, but most of us eat fast food every week. Technology runs my life a lot more than I would like to admit. I spend hours each day on
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PART II - Part II Time management affects everyone Whether...

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