Time Manaqement Paper

Time Manaqement Paper - In this passage I was asked to...

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In this passage I was asked to compare how I thought I was spending my time to how I was actually spending my time. I had to start this assignment by first documenting my predictions on how I spent my days, and then over the course of a week track what I was actually doing with my time. I felt I had a good idea of where my time was going and how I was spending most of my time. Although, recording the data for analysis was going to be a first for me. I was actually quite interested to get the results and see what they would reveal to me. Generally, each week is quite different from one week to the next. I do have some rare weeks where I don’t have any classes, no military functions, and everything is calm, but those are rare. In my hectic weeks I have class, military training, sick kids, work, meetings, everything going insane and then I work the entire weekend. The week that I recorded was a fairly active week for me. I was all over the place and had lots of homework to do. I spent more time on writing papers, and researching information than normal. I spent three hours on Saturday at work, which is uncommon. I was trying to spend extra time with my family because of my dad’s upcoming surgery. I did less actual work at work than what I would say is average, but I am not really surprised with that outcome. As far as work goes, well let me just say I have it pretty easy. I am able to do my personal things such as bills, homework, emails, errands, doctor’s appointments and anything else that may come up. I workout on company time for up to an hour a day, and I am not charged for sick days or holidays. I never work more than 40 hours at my office, but I am obligated to work one weekend a month for the Arizona Army National Guard. So I do have to spend one weekend each month in the field, getting dirty, and away from my family in order to be able to keep this job.
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I calculated my work hours on my check sheet by the actual amount of time I spent working. So I was at my place of employment for about 40 hours, but on my sheet the actual time reflected was far less. My sheet indicated that I worked a total of 11 hours for the week, but I will admit that I probably did a little more than that. I don’t necessarily have to do all that much in my office because I am somewhat of a supervisor. I am there to answer questions, help walk in clients, and handle anything that is too hard for my co-workers to do. My work knows that I am going to school, and they are alright with me doing homework in between working. I would have to say I spend a far greater time on working on homework than what is probably necessary. This has a lot to do with the fact that I get interrupted for 10-15 minute here and there to do bits of work, or to chat with someone. The greatest thing that I enjoy about my work is that I cannot take my work home. There are rules against taking work out of the office for security reasons. In the week that I recorded I slept an average of 6 hours per day. This is just an average
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Time Manaqement Paper - In this passage I was asked to...

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