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ADDITIONAL POWER POINT MATERIAL Graphics and shapes Grouping and ungrouping Insert a graphic and either copy the graphic (Ctrl+drag) or insert several>select all graphics (Ctrl while selecting with the mouse)>notice that the Drawing Tools tab will appear above the Ribbon>the Format tab is revealed beneath the Drawing Tools tab>Arrange group>Align down arrow>select alignment of choice. You can also layer the graphics and Group them so that you can treat the selected graphics as one object. If you decide to Group the graphics as one object, you can Ungroup after finished manipulating the object. Saving a photo from the Internet Find the picture you want to save>right click and select Copy Image or Save Image As>specify the location for the save and assign a name to the image. Now that you have saved the image, you can insert it into any file including a slide in PPT! Clip Art Formatting Using the method of grouping and ungrouping described above on a Clip Art image, remove some of the objects included in the Clip Art graphic. Creating a greeting card using Power Point! Creating Shapes: You have already learned about resizing and moving text boxes. Remember that the same techniques apply for any graphic object, including shapes! What you learn in this practice session can be applied to the other Office programs as well. This not only includes information about resizing, moving and rotating, but also the techniques used with the clipboard. Remember that if you have a different version of Power Point, your screen may look a little different, but you will be able to complete everything anyway. Format Painter : This tool is often overlooked, but very useful. Basically you know that sometimes you go through several steps to make an object or text look like you want it to look. Sometimes you will change the font style, size, add bold, italics, centering, color changes, etc. Just those things mentioned involve seven individual steps. If you were to walk through those steps necessary to make your document or presentation look a certain way, you can “copy” the formatting done by using the Format Painter tool. All you have to do is place the cursor in the text or object you want to copy (the desired formatting is already done). Then you double click on the Format Painter tool, which looks like a paint brush (if you single click, you can only paint one “swipe”). Once you have double clicked on Format Painter you can “paint” the copied formatting to the text or object you wish to have matched to your original object formatted. You will find Format Painter very useful in all of the Office programs once you put it to use. 1
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Drawing Tools : The drawing tools are very useful when creating all types of documents and you will find this toolbar available in all the Office programs. I often use this toolbar when creating handouts for my classes. It is particularly useful in training because a handout can have a graphic and the explanations of the graphics can be enhanced by using arrows, shading, etc….all items you will find on the Drawing Toolbar.
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