Hanging IndenNOTES

Hanging IndenNOTES - Ruin the best thing that a person can...

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Hanging Indent: ( select entire doc>use the ruler to place the hanging indent>Home  tab>paragraph group>AZ sort) Abel the best thing that a person can do is take care of himself or herself.  The only way a person knows  that they are eating correctly is to select foods from a good source. Latimer the best thing that a person can do is take care of himself or herself.  The only way a person  knows that they are eating correctly is to select foods from a good source. Dolphin the best thing that a person can do is take care of himself or herself.  The only way a person  knows that they are eating correctly is to select foods from a good source.
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Unformatted text preview: Ruin the best thing that a person can do is take care of himself or herself. The only way a person knows that they are eating correctly is to select foods from a good source. Find/Replace: ( Home tab>Editing group>Find/Replace) Breaks: Outlines : Create an outline: Outline view Enter text: 1. College Years 2. Classes 3. Friends 4. Sports After each of the main headers, ENTER, TAB, then key in: 5. College Years a. Freshman b. Sophomore c. Junior d. Senior 6. Classes a. Math b. Science c. History d. Art 7. Friends a. Girls b. Guys 8. Sports a. Football b. Soccer c. Skiing Add another level to your outline. Table of Contents Add some page breaks and then update the TOC...
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Hanging IndenNOTES - Ruin the best thing that a person can...

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