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ACTUAL-DONE-AFF - C ensus Affi rmative David He r man D D I...

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Census Affirmative DDI 2K9 David Herman BQH Lab Census 3.0: More Intense Than the Arrow Pointing Down 1AC Contention 1: The Census has issues The 2010 census is going to be inaccurate Washington, AP, ‘09 (Jesse Washington writer for AP April 4 2009 http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/lifestyles/health_med_fit/article/I-MINO0318_20090402-232509/247928/) The Government Accountability Office recently said the 2010 census is in "serious trouble"; on March 6, the GAO reported that the census was still behind schedule and had no clear plan to improve the counting of minorities . Budgets that were cut during the Bush administration are slowly being replenished; the stimulus package included $1 billion for the census. Minority groups still claim that spending levels for outreach are currently below 2000 levels. "We're doing less advertising than 2000, and there are a lot more people to count ," Escobedo said. Buckner said that when 2010 budgets are approved, the Census Bureau expects to spend more on advertising. The total 2010 census budget is expected to be between $14 billion and $15 billion, the most ever, he said. Still, Ao, of the Asian American Justice Center, said "we definitely run the risk of having, possibly, a more inaccurate census" than 2000 . Low-income communities are disproportionately undercounted in the census Reamer, Brookings Institute fellow, 2/17/09 (Andrew Reamer, Brookings Institute fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, 2/17/09, http://www.brookings.edu/ opinions/2009/0217_census_reamer.aspx) Both sides’ concerns would be best addressed by focusing on the Census Bureau itself. At issue: Low-income communities, particularly low-income communities of color, are more likely to be undercounted in the census. These same minority communities also tend to vote Democratic. After the 1980 and 1990 censuses, lawsuits were filed to require the federal government to use census numbers “adjusted” for the undercount as the basis for congressional apportionment. The Census Bureau’s own evaluation of the accuracy of its 1990 count tells you why: 5 percent of blacks and Hispanics were lost in the count, but less than 1 percent of whites disappeared 1
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Census Affirmative DDI 2K9 David Herman BQH Lab 1AC Contention 2 is Advantages Advantage 1 is the Economy An Accurate census is key to the US economy Reamer fellow at the Brookings Institute 7 (Andrew Reamer fellow at the Brookings Institute July 17 2007 Preparations for 2010: Is the Census Bureau Ready for the Job Ahead?) Businesses of all types (such as retail, manufacturing, services) and sizes (from Target and J.C. Penney to sole proprietorships) use census data (either directly from the Census Bureau or through value-added commercial vendors) to identify markets, select business locations, make investment decisions in plant, equipment and new product development, determine goods and services to be offered, and assess labor markets. At a Brookings briefing held on Capitol Hill last year, a representative of the National Retail Federation walked through the various essential uses of census data for retail decision-making .12
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ACTUAL-DONE-AFF - C ensus Affi rmative David He r man D D I...

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