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Unformatted text preview: cdef685d4efd932bf10e9e85b76b8d5776bba415 Dartmouth 2K9 1 Prevention methods along with monitoring systems prevent disease spread from occurring. Time, 2009 (Time, prominent news organization, April 27, 2009, “Swine Flu Unlikely to Affect the Economy”,,8599,1894052,00.html Over the last decade, as similar concerns have arisen about avian flu spreading from Asia to the rest of the world, the fears have not been justified. The last pandemic was known as the Hong Kong flu epidemic of 1968 and 1969. The deaths from the Hong Kong flu were estimated to be between 750,000 and one million people, including nearly 34,000 in the U.S. Since that pandemic more than 40 years ago, there have been no major events involving the global spread of lethal flu infections. There have been cases of dangerous avian flu outbreaks in Asia for a decade which has caused the deaths of a small number of people. Since these flu infections have not spread globally warnings and concerns about pandemics have not been much...
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