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Unformatted text preview: b715d7a6d15a3860e43dd3f1b3a3cd9406e9bde3.doc Dartmouth 2K9 1 Critical Legal Studies Last printed 1 b715d7a6d15a3860e43dd3f1b3a3cd9406e9bde3.doc Dartmouth 2K9 2 AT: Normativity Academic debates about national security key to correct misguided policies. Walt, 91 (Stephen, political scientist, University of Chicago, INTERNATIONAL STUDIES QUARTERLY, 1991, p. 35 The Renaissance of Security Studies) A recurring theme of this essay has been the twin dangers of separating the study of security affairs from the academic world of shifting the focus of academic scholarship too far from real-world issues . The danger of war will be with us for some time to come, and states will continue to acquire military forces for a variety of purposes. Unless one believes that ignorance is preferable to expertise, the value of independent national security scholars should be apparent. Indeed, history suggests that countries that suppress debate on national security matters are more likely to blunder into disaster, because misguided policies cannot be evaluated and stopped in time. Policy education critical to avert international genocide and nuclear war. Beres, 03 (Louis Rene-, June 5, Journal and Courrier, Lexis) Our response, even after Operation Iraqi Freedom, lacks conviction. Still pretending that "things will get better," we Americans proceed diligently with our day-to-day affairs, content that, somehow, the worst can never really happen. Although it is true that we must go on with our normal lives, it is also true that "normal" has now become a quaint and delusionary state. We want to be sure that a "new" normal falls within the boundaries of human tolerance, but we can't nurture such a response without an informed appreciation of what is still possible. For us, other rude awakenings are unavoidable, some of which could easily overshadow the horrors of Sept. 11. There can be little doubt that, within a few short years, expanding tribalism will produce several new genocides and proliferating nuclear weapons will generate one or more regional nuclear wars. Paralyzed by fear and restrained by impotence, various governments will try, desperately, to deflect our attention, but it will be a vain effort. Caught up in a vast chaos from which no real escape is possible, we will learn too late that there is no durable safety in arms, no ultimate rescue by authority, no genuine remedy in science or technology. What shall we do? For a start, we must all begin to look carefully behind the news . Rejecting superficial analyses of day-to- day events in favor of penetrating assessments of world affairs , we must learn quickly to distinguish what is truly important from what is merely entertainment. With such learning, we Americans could prepare for growing worldwide anarchy not as immobilized objects of false contentment, but as authentic citizens of an endangered planet....
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DDI09.SS.CriticalLegalTheory.wave4 -...

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