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Immigration PTX Dartmouth 2K9 Dylan 1 Immigrant health care was removed from Health Care – to avoid political controversy Anna M. Tinsley 8/8 /09 “Healthcare, illegal-immigrant debates merge: GOP pushes for 'citizenship verification tools” http://www.star-telegram.com/238/story/1527892.html The explosive issue of extending benefits and providing additional coverage for illegal immigrants is one battle Democrats are trying to avoid as they continue their hard push to overhaul the nation’s healthcare system. Democrats say that safeguards are already in place to prevent the more than 12 million illegal immigrants in the country from being covered by any government insurance program, and they insist that nothing will change in the bills they are pushing.But many Republicans question whether the current safeguards really do the job, and they are concerned that the Democratic plans would open "a back door" to government-run healthcare for those here illegally.Republicans have tried to amend the bills to insert provisions making it clear that illegal immigrants won’t benefit , and they vow to keep trying.This issue has become a flashpoint in the debate as polls show most citizens don’t want Congress to let illegal immigrants benefit from reform plans. "Something better needs to be done than what is being done now," said Connie Baskette, 56, of Fort WorthDemocratic leaders say
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DDI09.ss.Immigration-PTX.wave5 - Immigration PTX Dylan...

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