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Jenkins, John Chapter 2 - 1 A soft boot will close all...

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1. A soft boot will close all processes and applications and methodically shut down the computer. A hard boot simply stops power to the computer while abruptly stopping programs without closing them. 2. (1)The startup BIOS runs the POST and assigns system resources. (2)The startup BIOS program searches for and loads an OS. (3)The OS configures the system and completes its own loading. (4)Application software is loaded and executed. 3. FFFF0h 4. With audible beeps 5. Master boot program 6. How many partitions the drive has. How each partition is divided into one or more logical drives. Location of the active partition. 7. Ntldr 8. Four 9. Power Supply 10. Power On Self Test (POST) 11. Monitor 12. Press the power button on the monitor. Check cord connections from monitor to video input port. Be certain you have the monitor power cord plugged in at both ends and that it is in a working electrical outlet. Next, trade power cord for known working cord. Then, trade the monitor for a known working monitor. Finally, trade video card for known working card.
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